The power to create

downloaded a free software called Write Sparks that allows the user to generate loads and loads of ‘story sparks’ (ie, story prompts/ideas/whatever you call it) and along with it comes with regular emails from the software creator on writing. One of it touches on the power we writers have in our hands when we create something. It says that: ‘In our world, nothing is impossible’. Reading and agreeing along, I can help but wonder what if we have the same power in real life. I would then change myself into a well-known author 🙂

Anyway, what she said in her article was; writers often has the power to create (or plot) whatever they want while spinning their tale. I could, perhaps, make a plain Jane turn into Cinderella overnight and then make her go crazy at the end of the story. Don’t a lot of movies do the same thing? In real life, there is no way a plain Jane turn into Cinderell. If you are ugly plain, you are plain. If you are pretty, you are pretty. And of course, you think looking hot and pretty no need money, meh?

Or, if I want my heartbroken heroine to fly to another country, leaving her jerk boyfriend and then finding the perfect man across the globe, I could, too. But in real life? You’d wonder — can get visa so easily , meh?

Although writing good pieces is getting tougher now, there is also a certain degree of simplicity in writing fiction you can mould your characters and plots into whatever you want them to be. Don’t like a certain character? Just get rid of him. Maybe this is also one thing I like about creative writing. Better than watching movies, actually, cos at the end of some movies, there are bound to be something that you don’t like the way the plot runs.

Try creating something yourself.

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