There's always a reason…

I have always had this belief in me — weird, naive, superstituous — whatever you call it, I still believe.

There’s always a reason when things happen in this life. There’s always a reason why you are living the life you live, always a reason why you were born into the family you are in, a reason why you are working in the company you are working for, friends with the people whom you call friends (or family, colleagues, clients or whomever) and always a reason why things (no matter how good or unpleasant they are) happen.

No matter how unpleasant things might be, I will always compare myself to a worse scenario. Maybe this is the reason why sometimes I can be so optimistic (although I do admit that I can be quite paranoid and sometimes a worry wart) in life. The Chinese has a saying that goes something like “The ship will dock automatically when it comes to the port” so there is no reason for one to worry about what things might or might not happen. When the time comes, it will just happen.

Ah yes, of course, there are also times I get caught in a difficult situation, did (or said) something silly or felt sad over uninteresting life that I have. Life is not always a bed of roses for me, too, but at the end of the day, when I feel depressed, I will always cheer myself up by thinking of something positive. Why did this happen? There must be a reason. Yes, maybe this will make me stronger. Maybe this will make me learn. And most importantly at all, it could be worse. What the heck, won’t die wan, worse come to worse I just: (insert whatever is most appropriate) get scolded/ reprimanded/spend money/lose a friend.

Yes, I do agree that it’s kinda sad if we lost a friend through something we silly we did (and honestly, I have never experienced that!), but I believe that we have to be responsible for whatever we’ve done and accept the fact that this is a painful lesson to be learnt.

Like many teenagers do, I have always admired and felt jealous of my friends (in school) who were better off, who could afford designer bags and what-nots and go on annual holidays with their parents. But still, I have this believe inside me that I have the best life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Until now, I sometimes do feel ‘lacking’ in some sense when I read about other poeple (of the same age, usually) who had this high-flying career, live in big houses and have nice cars. But, do I really want those things? Would they really make me a better or happier person? And, of course, there must be a reason that I am living this life. There must be, something in my life that is much much better than theirs.

Maybe if I am a better off person like them, I would not be the person I am now. Maybe I will be snobbish ot unappreciative, so that’s why I live the life I have and am a good person like I am. Yes, I shall say good, cos I earn an honest living and true to my conscience. Well, I do tell the occassional lie, I do feel like killing some people sometimes and I do curse and bitch, but who doesn’t? As long as I don’t harm anyone, it’s good enough.

So, appreciate what you have right now – appreciate your life. Think about all the nice things around you, your friends and family, esp. Remember that if you are not who you are, you won’t be crossing paths with all the wonderful people in your life and won’t experience all the wonderful things you’ve experienced. And if lousy things cross your mind, compare it to the less fortunate. At least you’ve got roof over your head, food on your table.

And if you are someone who just lost your job or failed an interview, just think that there might be a better position somewhere waiting for you. This position is actually tailor-made for you and it is meant to be yours.

If you are someone who are stuck in a awful job – think of this. Maybe the so-called career that you wanted so much does not really suit you and you will end up being more depressed than you are at the moment.

Or maybe you are someone who is in a failed relationship (or no relationship at all) just think that maybe this person is not meant for you anyway and if your relationship goes on, it will sour and you’ll end up with more heartache.

And if you still think that what I have written here is a bunch of crap — well, there IS a reason, of course — but I’ll let you figure it out yourself….


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