Published author?

I wonder if I can start calling myself that. I still do not have much confidence in showing my writings to everyone actually, despite being told that no single writer is good enough and that I should be more confident. Anyway, I know that I’ve been holding this piece of news to myself for quite some time already. Some of you readers might have known it, but what the heck, I will officially announce it.

I submitted two pieces of my short stories to another local author – who planned to publish an anthology of short stories by M’sian writers – and they are taken!

Yay! I received this news sometime back in February and no kidding, was elated! I, however, had to do a lot of editing and rewriting. Maklumlah, newbie! I have descended from cloud nine now. In fact, I didn’t even have the time to immerse myself in joy due to the March workload.

Anyway, if you are wondering, I won’t be getting paid huge royalty sums or be photographed or what not. But I am happy. Yes, just seeing my work in print. I also know that I might be getting good reviews (hopefully) or unfavourable critics (fingers crossed) but that’s how tough and established writers are made of. Through this, I have also learnt a lot on the mistakes I made, how I could rephrase my sentences to make them more readable (and interesting) and the plotting of a story.

Wish me all the best, and when it does come out, I’d gladly show it to everyone. Or maybe, you guys can go and buy that book.

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