KFC OR Chicken Chop

I was not the first one to go and try out KFC’s new chicken chop, but when the opportunity came, I thought why not try something different from the usual Snack Plate? It was not really a disappointment, but the portion was quite small. Compared to the Snack Plate (which costs about RM7 if I’m not mistaken) this ‘Chop’ costs about RM10.

I certainly won’t recommend it to big eaters, cos it’s not really worth it. The taste, however, was okay, like their normal OR chicken (only deboned) but the mushroom sauce was a bit salty. I am not a big fan of crinkle fries and theirs was not that good. I still think that McD has the best fries so far.

The coleslaw (with raisins) wasn’t too bad. I like KFC’s coleslaw, so, what I ended up eating was a miserable piece of chicken chop and the coleslaw. (Gave the crinkle fries to dad)


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