If you are someone who is easily ‘troubled’ when you see gore, please avoid this movie at all costs. I am one who likes going to these kinds of stuff, gore, horror, unexplained – anything that has the taglines — ‘don’t watch this alone’ or ‘be very afraid’. Turistas IS gory and it will keep you on the edge of your seat, although it is highly predictable.

It tells of a group of American tourists on a trip to Brazil — those off beaten tracks that others don’t usually go – and when the bus they were travelling in fell off a ravine, they find themselves stranded and waiting for the next bus, which was not due to arrive in another 10 hours. So, they decided to take a detour, which led them to this amazingly interesting bar on the beach. They could get everything there – beer, sunshine and clear water to swim in. And of course, any sane person would be suspicious of things that appear too good to be true, but not them. They decided not to take the bus, but to stay on at this beach place, which proved to be a wrong decision that cost their lives.


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