This is the first time, after so many years of blogging, for me to be tagged by another blogger. So, here it is – 6 weird things about me:

1) I hate drinking plain water – I can drink coffee, tea, juices, soups but not plain water.

2) I can go without drinking all day but not eating — I MUST EAT

3) I can’t stand it when my food is all mixed-up – ie, my rice need to be separated from the dishes. I won’t eat if everything is mixed together. I read once that there is a name for this ‘phobia’ but can’t remember what it was

4) I like my beverages to be either cold or hot — no room temparature 

5) I don’t have hair on my legs and armpits (a very good advantage, I know)

6) I sleep on my back, lying straight, hands on my tummy, like a corpse.

Don’t know who else to tag — whoever’s reading this and wanna tag themselves, please do so.

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