Central Market

I just discovered from my course tutor’s blog this link. Yes, for those living in KL – it’s the Central Market. Well, although I don’t often go there (in fact, I rarely go there – never been there for almost 10 years) the history of the place actually has a special place in my heart. Many might know that the Central Market used to be a wet market long, long time ago. And for those who don’t, go back to the website and read about the history!

Thing is, my grandad started off his business in this wet market and of course, it was taken over by my granma and the eldest son in the family – my father. I remember going there often when I was young, walking along the numeorus ‘stalls’ selling poultry, vegetables, seafood, dried goods, etc.. (And in my father’s case, fruits along with his ‘neighbours’) I remember Central Market as a packed – well, wet market – and I am glad that it was preserved until now as a Heritage Building.

My brother and I went there often because my mother took over from granma to help my father with the business. And I have to say that my brother would be the one who can claim to be more familiar with that area cos he spent more time there. I was attending kindergarten at that time, so, I rarely go there. Everyone in the wet market would come over to my father’s stall and look at my brother, who, at that time was still young (about 2yrs old) sleeping amidst the watermelons, sucking his thumb and oblivious to the stares. There was this famous coffee shop just by the side of the wet market where everyone goes to have their breakfast an lunch. And it was in this coffee shop that my parents first met. Awww…  according to my mother, it was a blind date set up by someone 🙂

Business was quite good at that time, cos the wet market was situated at a very good location. And when the order to move came, my parents were so disappointed. We were given three options: to move to three new locations (Cheras, Tmn Tun or another place which I can’t recall — Kepong??) We prayed to be located to Cheras, cos according to rumors then, Cheras’ location was not too bad and business should be good. And we did move to Cheras.

Unfortunately, the situation was not good at all, most of the time my mother just sat at the stall fanning herself. No business at all! It was so quiet, we had to close shop at 12pm every day! Luckily for us, father found a shop nearby (the Central Market) which was located in Jln Silang and along with few others, shared the rental. Only then we could survive….

Looking at the old photos from the website certainly brought back fond memories. I think until now, I still can feel the atmosphere of the market, the smell and the feeling walking along the interior. Heck, I think I sometimes dream about it, too..

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