My moments on stage

I met another ‘tv personality’ (if that’s what you call them) the other day and was quite impressed by how she (or even others) carried herself. These people always had an aura of confidence in them and where ever they go, they do not seem to be shy when talking to other people, which I really admired. Maybe it was due to the constant exposure they had on-screen or on-stage.

Come to think of it, however, I, too had my share of on-stage experiences when I was young. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have been on stage! but how come I am not as confident as these TV personalities when it comes to talking to strangers? Hhmm.. something must be wrong somewhere…

Anyway, the very first time, I remember, was when  I was in Standard Three receiving my award for getting the 3rd place in the whole of Std Three (clap..clap..). Of course, I felt quite happy at that time when my name was called and I got this BM Enid Blyton book which I could not understand until much later (when I was in Form One, I think) Although it was just merely a fraction of a minute, the experience was quite overwhelming. Being on stage with adults clapping at your achievement was definitely exciting for a 9-year old.

Other than that, I also remember being on-stage when I was in Standard Six, as a member of the school choir. I was singing this song about local fruits and we had to hold up a poster (of the fruit) everytime the name was mentioned in the song. I can’t remember what fruit I was holding, think it was a papaya or jackfruit. It was a bit daunting at that time cos we were still all quite young and the choir was held during our school’s prize giving day. And of course, we had to remember our lines and not sing out of tune.

And when it came to secondary school, I remember that my class had to go on stage every year to deliver our choral speaking*. It was not that scary at that time because the 30 plus of us would be on-stage at the same time and we were all too busy remembering our lines to bother about stage fright. Maybe it was this experience which gave me less fright when I was doing some public speaking recently.

The last on-stage performance I remember doing was for a Christmas celebration in school. I was in Form Two and our group had to deliver a song and a poem relating to Jesus. Since I was the youngest and smallest (in size) in that group, I had to become this ‘donkey’. Yes, yes, a bit humiliating, I suppose, but I remember enjoying myself thoroughly. As soon as I ‘made my appearance’ the audiences were laughing their heads off. Well, a lot better than singing the song only right? And by the way, it was not just a normal donkey, but one which had carried Virgin Mary to Betlehem with Joseph walking by my side. (hehehe) The song went like:

Jog along little donkey to Betlehem,
It’s a very long ride/way
Jog along carry Mary to Betlehem,
Joseph will be there by your side….
(I can’t remember the rest of the lyrics, nor can I find them via google — Anyone know the rest? Angie?

After that I had to also grab some ‘hay’ which was placed behind the choir group, stick it into the donkey’s mouth and continue skipping along as they sang. My classmates nearly fainted with laughter when they saw me. (By the way, I did not wear any donkey suits – it was just a donkey head stuck into a long pole and I had to put the pole between my legs and skip along – something like the kuda kepang act)

When the song had ended, I rejoined the group for our second performance – reciting some poetry about Jesus which I can’t remember at all now cos I was so overwhelmed by the performance. However, it was quite an experience, actually and now I can still remember my performing mates.

Other than all these, I can’t remember anything else. Perhaps there were more and since they were not so significant, I can’t remember them. But at least I can say that I have been on stage before, riggghhht????


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