Honk if you are Malaysian

I have heard lots and lots about this book, mainly via the blogosphere but I have not got the chance to buy (or read) it just yet. There were lots of good comments, making me thinking of when I should pop by MPH and get that book. Recently read Xeus’ Dark City and it was a brilliant one.

My job requires me to deal with lots of people (ah, the joy of customer service) and to my surprise, someone actually mentioned the book to me today! I was surprised cos I have not met someone in person who have read Honk! yet. And the thing is, she had been away from M’sia for more than 5 years (she just came back) and yet she knew about this book. Wow! Of course, I asked her what she thought and according to her, it was a real eye-opener and it does closely reflect how Malaysians are! So, more reasons for me to get it, huh!

Read more about the author and her book! If you are a reader of The Star, she is the one who comes up with the hilarious Eh Poh Nim articles. Amazing woman!

P/S: I wanna be writing like her!


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