The bank that never sleeps

Remember this?

Well, they did call me, actually a few days later, and this ‘friendly’ guy spoke to me with his trained make-believe concerned tone (trust me, I have worked in a call center before and they do train you on how to speak). I will spare whatever we talked about here, cos they are just not so important stuff, you know, me repeating what happened and the fella promising to check. Still, I did not put too high hopes. What he said was that he would follow up with the proof of delivery.

Anyway, about a month down the road, another customer service (this time a lady) called. Asking whether my case is settled, I told her no. By this time, I had already given up hope on getting anything at all from them. Told her I spoke to so-and-so and am waiting for the POD. Ah well, again she said she would check, cos she wouldn’t want my case kept open for so long. Yeah, right! I think this was sometime ago in late Oct/early Nov last year.

And you guessed it… the bank that never sleeps never did call me anymore until I got fed up and sent in my cancellation letter for both my principal and supp cards.

They called me again last Saturday andI have actually prepared myself on what to say. So, when this girl asked me why I cancelled my cards since I still have a whole year free of annual fee, I told her that I had a bad experience with the bank due to some issue and if she could check, she would see that my complaint has not been attended to at all. Well, she said she could not check from her system and if I would like to cancel my cards, she would do it, and she would inform the management of my ‘feedback’.

Ah well, honestly, I don’t expect anything from them at all.


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