I have not been writing much since my creative writing class ended, so, I thought I should start doing it again. Rather than come up with lengthy ones, our trainer says we could make do with some short ones, too, as long as we write something. One of the exercises given as homework was for us to flip through a book, placing our finger randomly on a word/sentence and come up with something from that sentence. So, I started flipping thru a book which I was reading and my finger landed on this sentence: ‘Carrie got that for her 14th birthday’ And my continuation –

The voice from behind almost made her jump. Turning around, she saw her mother standing by the door, expressionless. She sighed and laid the book on the single bed which took up most of the space in the tiny room. She could still remember the feel of the bed. She used to sleep on it when she was Carrie’s age. Sitting down, she stared at her mother again. “Did she like it?” she questioned, hoping to break the silence. When her mother did not answer, she looked away nervously, unable to think of what else to say. Why does she feel like a stranger in this home? She asked herself. It was a while before her mother broke the silence. ‘Yeah, she loved it. I see her writing in it all the time,” she paused. “It was one of her most treasured things. No one was allowed to touch it, let alone reading it.” Lisa’s hands moved automatically towards the diary. The cover felt smooth, although it looked worn. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, she told herself. “Perhaps we can take a look,” she suggested. “We might find some clue.” Her mother shook her head. “I don’t know, Lisa. Carrie’s very particular about privacy.”

I know its a bit short, but I had only allowed myself about 5 mins to come up with this piece. The idea was to go with the flow without thinking, planning or plotting. Well, who knows this might be a start up for a longer story in the near future?

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