Kluang Station

Location: Ikano Power Station

A major disappointment, actually. I don’t recommend anyone to go to this restaurant. IF you are left without a choice, don’t go for their ‘cooked’ food (ie, noodles, nasi lemak, etc)

Their coffee and toasts were fantastic but others were not. Even before getting our food, a lady at a table next to us had complained. She got her bowl of noodles changed (I’m not sure what’s wrong with the first one) but when the second one came, she took a bite and summoned the waiters to cancel her order.

At first, we thought that she was just one picky eater, but when the basket of fries that we ordered came, we discovered how crappy the food were. At first, the fries they brought us was cold and limpy. They seem to have been soaked in oil rather than fried. When we got it changed, it came back with some fresh ones at the top and guess what… the same cold, limpy ones were buried at the bottom! We ended up ta-pauing the fries for my dog.

Credit must be given, however, to their toasted buns. They were warm and crispy with just enough butter and kaya spread. The combination tasted heavenly.

So, if anyone thinks of ordering some food other than their toasts, think twice. Or maybe we were just plain unlucky that day.

Else, just go to Uncle Lim’s Kopitiam on the gorund floor


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