I’m not the type who make New Year resolutions, actually and I have never made any resolutions before for as long as I can remember. This is mainly because:
1) I know I won’t be able to keep them, except if the resolution is something easily achievable, but that would actually defeats the purpose of making resolutions, won’t it?
2) I believe that all new year resolutions are meant to be ‘broken’ or ‘not achieved’, so, why bother
3) If you want to do something (or think you want to do something) do it there and then, why wait for the New Year? After all, it’s just a day difference from the previous year

Anyway, felt like making some resolutions these year, in fact and hope to track it later on via this blog to see if the ‘resolutions’ have been successfully achieved. I won’t really give myself high hopes, though, cos I am definitely someone who can’t really keep some resolutions.

So, since I wanted to be a bit different, I thought I might as well make my new year resolutions a bit different. Instead of doing something ‘more’ or hoping to do something ‘more’ I would base my resolutions on the word ‘less’. Here you go:

1) Eat less so that
2) my waistline will measure less
3) Talk less (yeah, those who know me will know what I mean)
4) Spend less (ummm.. happened only recently)
5) Lessen my mortgage considerably
6) Be less irritated/annoyed/sarcastic when facing customers — yea, yeas, it’s bad, I know…
7) Procrastinate less (and write more!)
8) Can’t think of anymore, will add in if there are in the future…


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