I was having my hair washed at the salon on Saturday when the shampoo lady tried to make small talk. Conversation was in Cantonese.

Lady: Today not going to open stall ar?
Me: Huh? (I actually heard her, but was struck speechless by her question)
Lady: Today you din open stall meh?
Me: Open stall? What stall?
Lady: You are not the owner of the hakka lui cha stall at this XXX coffee shop wan meh?
Me: Hakka lui cha? No.
Lady: Oh.. your mom looks like the owner of the stall.
Me: Really? I should then go and see next time.

And I was like trying so hard not to laugh out loud throughout the time I was still sitting there. Imagine.. me owning a business on my own — having a stall in a coffee shop selling hakka lui cha. Wahahaha…

And few minutes after that…

Lady: You stay opposite wan ar?
Me: No.
Lady: Kept quiet

Sigh.. Why can’t people just say – Hey, you look familiar, have I seen you before? rather than guessing things that embarasses themselves?


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