It's over…

Finally! My back-to-studies days are over! The last assessment actually took place yesterday and it seemed that this last one is the most difficult. And yet I managed to finish the exam even before the time’s up. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother studying. Maybe a mere pass is sufficient, but no, I am actually under stress cos most of those who took the course last time managed to get a distinction. Peer pressure, they call it.

But I am not sure if I will manage that – especially with the last unit where I have made most of my answers up. Heh!

Nowadays it seems that I have nothing much to do – don’t need to worry about studying anymore. However, my course & line managers told us that they are pushing UK to give us a final exam. They had a final one last time and apparently, we will not be having one. Can’t say whether this is good news or bad, but it really depends on the weighting of each exam. Maybe the final exam would pull our marks up (or down!). The only thing I’m hoping for is that they will send us to UK. Not that I am ‘that’ keen – I dread being cooped up in the plane for so many hours. The thing is, I would be able to save some dosh thru that and hopefully that will compensate (to a certain degree) my depleting bank account.

Anyway, the only thing I look forward to now would be the Nanowrimo. Participated last year and managed to breeze thru with more than 50k words written. I wonder what will happen this year. I know some of my course mates might be doing it as well and I hope they won’t find out which is my login ID – still a bit shy nowadays, especialy after reading other’s work. Low self-esteem already!

Will sort of be MIA for a while next month for my 2nd novel writing attempt.

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