Phew! The hugest and most difficult part is over! (or so I hope!) We are now officially staying at our new place. Only problem is it doesn’t look so new anymore with boxes, rags, furniture, etc, etc, everywhere. I was so tired on the first day I can’t be bothered about them anymore – just left them lying around. (Some of them are still lying around)

We started off quite early on Friday, which is supposed to be a good day – the first day of the 8th month (lunar calendar). Mom and dad woke earlier and headed off to our new place first. She had to hang a red cloth over our door and brought with her the 7 ‘essential’ stuff that is ‘supposedly’ ‘important’ in a home. Namely:

1) woodfire (replaced with gas)
2) rice (uncooked)
3) oil
4) salt
5) sauce (black soya)
6) vinegar (mom brought apple cider!)
7) tea (chinese tea leaves in a packet)

Don’t ask me why, cos I don’t know, but it was apparently told by ‘old people’ from the old, old times. Other than that, they also started a fire (not literally, cos I don’t know how to put this) where some charcoal were burnt in a huge metal bowl at the doorstep. Also burnt were some paper offerings. After that, she had to sprinkle some rice at all corners of the house – really, ALL CORNERS! – and I told her no need cos Oscar would be pissing in all corners anyway.

After all the hassle, they came back home and that was when we all started taking our beds apart. For more than 10 years I have slept on the bed and now I have to take it apart. Imagine the amount of dust under my bed and the tightness of the rusty screws that I have to pull apart! And of course, we have to carry everything out from our respective rooms, gave them a quick wipe and wait for the lorry to come. I have made a list prior to that to keep track of what needs to go on the lorry.

We targeted for 2 trips only, so, everything that could actually go into our car would not be loaded onto the lorry. And when the lorry comes, I have to drive to the new place first, open all the doors, cover the floor with some rags (just in case some of the furniture scratches my new, shiny floor) and get ready for the stuff to come over. And among the huge and heavy stuff were all our beds, the washing machine (which broke down after that), huge, heavy matresses, some of our cupboards, our massage chair, Oscar’s house, mom’s sewing machine, etc, etc.. Thank goodness that my brother came back to help with the move! I can’t possibly carry all the heavy stuff!

And after the lorry left, we were left alone with everything in the car porch and bags of stuff in the living room. And one by one, we cleaned them and ove them into the house (and upstairs, too!) Now I know why some rich people would rather pay and get the movers in. But when you don’t have any money —–

Everyone worked and carried like mad until late in the evening. In addition to that, my room’s air con did not even work (some faulty wiring) and I hav e to make do with sleeping in my brother’s room. We’ve got someone to come in to look at it but he can’t find out what’s wrong, so we had to get another person, who obviously could come only the day after! And then the furniture delivery man was there to deliver our new settee. We manage to eat only at 8.00pm, which is quite late for us cos we were starving. All of us went to the stall smelling like the ‘Brochure Uncle’ in the office (haha).

The best part fo the day was when we tried to get Oscar into the car. He was not used to getting into cars, so, my dad has to literally push his butt in (while mom dragging him in from the other side) He panicked at first but seemed to enjoy the view after a while (according to mom). When he reached our new place,he did get down, but we sensed that he can’t get used to the new place. Although we were there and his cage was also there, he still seemed a bit restless and didn’t even want to eat! We are still trying to figure out what to do so that he could get used to the new place.

(He tried running away from home on Sunday and mom panicked. She had to run after him in order to pull him back. Our new place is near the main road – which sort of is like a highway, and we were afraid that he might get hit by a speeding car. He have not been out on the streets before, not even with us. He didn’t want to come back at first and we were worried that he will run off and bite someone, so, everyone of us had to call out for him and tried to bribe him with food. Luckily, mom caught hold of him and dragged him home, literally)

As for Saturday and Sunday, we spent like ten thousand trips to and fro our new and old place to ferry remainder stuff in our cars. Boxes and boxes of stuff were lying around and we still cannot figure out which box goes where. As for the old place, it was so dirty and messy, I can’t imagine how the ‘new tenant’s would clean it up. They told us that they will be having a party at the end of the month and we will need to hand them the keys by this week, thus the rush in moving.

Sigh…. back to unpacking for the time being

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