Everyday (or rather, every some other time) you hear people from the business world, or IT world or customer service world (or, to simplify everything, corporate world) speaking about the use of jargons. I have always put that in mind when I speak to customers and try my best to use less jargons. But, it can be hard sometimes cause some stuff can’t be explained using lay man terms.

Never have I realised that the use of jargons will exist in some ah-soh housewife as well (ie, my mom).

I bought a pair of pants the other day for myself (sales! sales!) and promptly ‘requested’ her to shorten it for me. You see, the size of my waist and butt don’t exactly correspond with the length of my legs (ie I’m a bit short), so, everytime I buy pants, I have to cut them. I always ask mom to do it cos (1) she was a tailor before she got married – so, might as well (2) I trust her more with the sewing (3) one of my legs is shorter than the other and only she knows it and she could adjust the cutting well. Anyway, the conversation went like this:

Me: *standing in front of the mirror wearing the pants*
Mom: *measure, measure, fold, fold* What length you want? Okay not like this?
Me: *look, look, turn, turn* Okay la, I guess.
Mom: You want me how to sew? You want the cut or folded end? (okay, she spoke in Cantonese, so this is the best — direct, actually, translation I can manage
Me: Huh?! *scratches head* Whatever style loh, I trust you
Mom: No, you must tell me properly. If not, don’t ask me to change for you next time. So, the folded option or cut option
Me: Erm, what’s the difference?
Mom: You see, if you want the folded option, then when you wear, you will safoifhafao and then if I sew, I will asfhsohf the end and then safusgf the nmbvudugf
Me: ???? Eiyer, whatever la, I turst you, tell me which looks nicer or easier for you to do.
Mom: No, you tell me what you want. For me, both are simple. I can justmdhgo asgfuegf afgoufaof
Me: ?????????? Whatever la! Don’t understand what is what la!
Mom: Haizz… simple one! You see ar, *explain the whole process of sewing, fold this, fold that, sew here, sew there, and then iron here and at the end will look like that*
Me: *gave up – pretended to understand* Okay, okay, I think the folded option looks nicer. We shall go with that
Mom: *happy*

I still have not seen the finished product yet, so, if I ever get the chance to wear it, I will show you guys what how the folded option looks like.

Sigh… jargons, jargons


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