Busy as a bee

July seemed to have zoomed by just like that. Been too busy to blog, too busy to even think about what to put in here. Although days in the office had been easy, adapting into a whole new environment and culture and in the same time learning everything all over again was not. Then there was this course that I need to do right away. I am still grappling with the fact that I need to study and take an assessment every 2 weeks for the following 14 weeks. Not a very nice thought for someone who had not taken an exam for more than 5 years!

Weekends are the worst: the whole family running here and there buying stuff for the new house, the contractor dropping in unexpectedly some nights to discuss about renovations, arguments about how to do things, major headaches dealing with MPAJ people trying to get plans approved —- and of course, the most, most troubling one, money. Where to scramble for money. Seeing my hard earned savings go down the drain at one go. Everyone wanted to do this and that. Not an easy task if the contractor suggested something and your dad goes yes, yes, good suggestion, do that please! I can’t say no, can I? (e.g. granite kitchen tops will look better and last longer than marble ones – yeah right, who doesn’t know, but the $$$!)

Everytime our contractor came for a discussion, I will have sleepless nights. Wondering if everything is ok. Sigh… Never knew buying a house was so difficult. Or is it buying a house but your parents are the ones having a say in the decor?

And with all the plans of moving coming up soon in Sept, exams to take throughout, projects at work to complete — I wonder if Christmas will come at a blink of an eye…..


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