Went window shopping at KLCC last week in the afternoon. I was working half day that day and after lunch, decided to go over to KLCC. I had in mind to feast on some ice cream, and of course, Haagen Dazs would be my ultimate choice. Thinking of just one scoop and while trying to decide which flavour to choose from, the manager came over with the menu and asked me to look at it.

And, you see, that was how the problem started. With the wide array of choices and salivating pictures, I finally chose this:

Sinful banana split!

Well, in actual fact, I had always loved banana splits – probably it was because when I was young, my mom will occasionally bring my brother and I for them.

And, these ‘outings’ were extremely rare – usually when my dad is at work and when we have been unexceptionally nice. I still remember that mom will always bring us to Esquire Kitchen – a big then back then cos their food was expensive to us and the restaurant ‘posh’. We will get all excited and happy, and when mom says ‘yes’ to our request for a banana split, we will be ecstatic. Coming to think of it, the banana splits in Esquire Kitchen now are pretty much affordable, not to mention nothing great – just plain generic ice-cream (not like Haagen Dazs, of course) but the whole point was the rarity we get to eat them and the whole special ‘treat’ issue.

Sighh… how I wish I was a child again…


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