Shopping Mania!!!

Went shopping for the past few weeks for stuff. I didn’t know that there are so much to buy and the process were so tedious (even if being the one who is responsible for swiping the plastic money).

Some of the stuff that we bought were some lightings – although they costed a bomb, it was devastating to know that there are some still yet to be purchased.

Lights for our dining area. Mom love those dangling ones with three lights. This photo has a mixture of other lights as well, but the one we bought is the one with a wooden ‘clasp’ thingy holding the cylinder. Quite expensive

Lights for all the bedrooms – we are trying to make everything standard so that our house won’t look like a place where we sell lights. Both are the same, one lighted up and one not. We bought three sets.

lights for the living room. This, by far is the most expensive one, but mom simply fell in love with it and said that she must, must have them (yes, she bought 2!) Luckily, she managed to bring down the price from RM380 per piece to RM450 for 2 pieces.

And of course, there are others but I did not manage to take any photographs. For the ‘not so important’ places like the car porch, utility room and bathrooms, we just bought flourescent lights. However, these flourescent lights are more decorative, with a casing which makes them look nicer. Costed about RM30+, I think.

And so, the whole bill comes up to about RM1500++ (for the time being)

Other than that, we went around also shopping for curtains. At first, ‘the queen’ insisted on going to Macy (Ikano Power Centre) cos she fell in love again with this piece of fabric which she thinks is an excellent fabric to be put up. However, taking measurements and getting a quotation, she nearly had a heart attack when the sales ‘consultant’ told her that it is going to cost her RM700++ (just for the living room curtains!). So, we abandoned the beautiful fabric at Macy and went to TAR instead. And my oh my, we chanced upon a fabric shop, Tagoya and mom was ecstatic. There were so many fabrics there, she did not know which to buy and they were so cheap (RM7.00 per metre compared to RM29.90 per metre for the living room curtain in Macy). So, we ended up buying curtains for the whole house and I swiped only about RM250++. (Okay la, I guess – but all my savings are gone)

And after this, there will be more shopping for electrical items: air-con, cooker hood and washing machine.


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