Went to the Dragon-I restaurant in One-Utama last Sunday with my parents. We arrived at about noon and already there was a long queue. However, the queue was expected cos we have been here before and there was a long queue last time and if it is not because of dad’s insistence on eating there, we wouldn’t have bothered. Luckily, we were not disappointed by the food

The place was famous for their Xiao Long Bao and Chinese La Mien (roughly translated as pulled noodles), but I think their noodles was just mediocre. Japanese Ramen was better – but most probably I did not order to nice ones. I tried their pork ribs & fried chicken cutlet La Mien but both did not come up to my expectations.

The wet napkins – beautifully wrapped. And of course, they charge for these as well. Sigh…

The yummy Xiao Long Baos – few already eaten by us. Xiao Long Baos are roughly translated as little steamed rack buns and they were awesome.

“Shanghainese dumplings are described as elegantly twisted morsels full of pork. The surprise is the gush of tasty, scalding soup when the dumpling is bitten. The dough wrapper acts as a water tight container for a mixture of seasoned ground pork and a gelatinous soup. After steaming, the gelatin melts, bathing the pork in a delicious hot stock, all inside the wrapper. To avoid burning your tongue, hold the dumplings over a spoon and nibble at the top to allow the soup to dribble into it or wait few moments for the soup to cool before swallowing the dumpling whole.”(excerpt from – this site)

The juicy GaoXis. They were much better than Esquire Kitchen’s WorTip. The skin was quite elastic and yet not too rubbery.

According to write-ups, both the Xiao Long Bao and Gao Xi are Shanghainese food and it takes a master to be able to prepare them well. They have another outlet in Cititel Mid Valley (checked it out) and there wasn’t many people there. Our next trip would be the Cititel’s branch..


One comment on “Dragon-I

  1. E-ren says:

    The bau looks yammy yammy. If you wish to know how to cook, than I can teach you. freee of charge oh!! and the dumpling as well.

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