Stressful Life

Went to the sinseh as usual today and was advised (again!) to take it easy. He commented that it was stress that gave me high blood pressure and I should not be so tensed up all the time. Basically, take it easy, don’t work too hard and all should be well. Yeah, right. I wish I could do so. Saying is easier than done. Especially if you are in customer service and you get irrational customers almost everyday.

Not only customers, stress also comes in the form of those with higher and lower grade than you. Not one day passes by where you will grit your teeth and wonder why you are still working – why can’t you just stand up, scream your head off and leave. Why you need to stand up to all these nonsense. What can we do to make the situation better (or is it already the best?) Sigh… Adult life is hard.

Not only that, sometimes I wonder if fate is actually playing a trick on us. When we are young, we make our parents mad. We give the trouble (by getting into trouble) and never listen to what they want to say. And now, when we are all grown-up, the situation is reversed. They won’t listen to you. They think that they know more than you do (which sometimes might not be the case). They think that their decisions are always the best and you will still need to listen to them. And – they get into trouble because they never listen to what you have to say.

We have a large projection TV at home which costed quite a bit when ‘they’ bought it some years ago. And few months back, it started to give problems. So, as usual, they tried to look for someone to repair it. Being wise, I suggested that we call the brand’s customer service and then send it to their authorised service center for repairs. Make sense, right? I am sure they would be able to provide after sales service (although it was a few years back) cos one would expect a TV costing almost RM 8k be repairable. No, they won’t even acknowledge that they have heard what I said. These guy they found, it seems, is working at this TV brand’s centre and should be able to repair the thing.

Fine. I don’t care. But deep inside, it worried me cos if he messes things up, it would be difficult for us to send the TV to the authorised service center cos they might say that it had been ‘repaired’ by non-authorised people before. And so, out the huge TV goes one day and it came back only almost a month.

And guess what? It is still not functioning properly, and mom noticed that some of the parts were replaced (Yes!) So, when she complained to me about it, I didn’t even want to say anything. Dad tried to call the fella again but he did not pick up. They don’t know where he lives and only has his handphone number. And of course, there are arguments between the two of them now about what are to be done now. I just don’t know what to do with them sometimes. Sigh…

And if we try to call the brand’s customer service center now, I am not even sure whether they will take it in or not. And of course, I will be the stupid consumer who will be calling in and telling these people that we sent the TV to an outsider for repairs and he messed everything up. Being in customer service, I know how I would look and sound then.

I just hope that everything can be repaired now. Maybe it will cost more, but we can’t just throw the TV away, can we? And furthermore, I don’t even want to ask how much they have paid this fella. Someone, please, please tell me how to deal with this! (Hey bro! Tell me what to do!)

Besides that, more sleepless nights will follow again with the updates on my new house. Although the developer had sent me a notice saying that we are now allowed to take over the vacant possession of the property, the CFO is yet to be ready. According to them, perhaps two months later. And without the CF, I won’t be able to do any renovations just yet – so, after CF (providing that MPAJ is kind enough to approve the d**n thing within 2 months) plus renovations and moving – I think we can only live in there at the end of the year. And starting this month, I will need to pay rental for this house I am staying in as well as my loan instalments for the other. Again, someone, please tell me that I don’t need to starve myself to come out with all these money!


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