I was at the UKAN dinner last year and I won a voucher for a weekend night stay at the Shangri-la KL. It was going to expire in May, so, last Saturday, I booked a room and went to stay there with mom. At first, there were lots of ‘discussions’ going on on who is going over there to stay for the night. I wanted both my parents to go, but they were a bit hesitant (cos they are quite blur and they won’t know what to do there). Mom had suggested that all three of us cramp in there together, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep well with both of them snoring together, so I didn’t want to go. Anyway, to cut a long story short, it was me and mom who went at last.

The room was an ‘Executive Room’ – well, how ‘posh’ is it, I didn’t know. I don’t know if this room typre is their cheapest or mid-range – definitely not of the highest end range. We checked in only after 6.00pm, cos I finished work only at 6.00. Everything was fine – except that it was raining extremely heavily outside. Some pictures I took with dad’s new handphone (talk about that later)

The large and comfy twin beds — sighh.. makes me feel sleepy now (zzz…)

A shot of the seating area and some of the complimentary bathroom stuff — of course I took home all of these ‘stuffs’

The various goodies in the minibar – I did not touch any of these, however. A price list was included and guess how much some of the stuff were: about RM18 for a Coke, RM13 for a bar of KitKat, RM15 for that little tub of Pringles, etc.

I had wanted at first to treat my parents to their buffet dinner that night, but when I called in and enquired about the cost – it put me off automatically. RM95++ per person for a buffet dinner was definitely too expensive. Nevertheless, we went to look-see look-see at Sg Wang Plaza and ended up having dinner there.

Like usual, when I am away from home, I could not sleep well (although it’s a 5-star hotel room we are talking about here) but it was extremely comfortable, anyway. When I checked out the next morning, I casually asked about the cost of my room and guess what they told me?? — RM455++ per night! Gosh… what an expensive room! I am glad I have used the voucher to experience a night.

We finally ended up having dim sum for breakfast instead at their Chinese restaurant and was not dissappointed. Their dim sum (of course it’s more expensive than outside shops!) was even better compared to Concorde’s which people says to have the best dim sum in KL. We ate in a hurry cos we need to go somewhere else, but hopefully we will be back next time with my brother. I still have not had their desserts yet.


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