The other half

Within a span of three months, two of my very close friends told me they were leaving the country. When I heard the news from them, I did not know what to say. Feeling a bit sad, I only could wish them the best as they were both planning to join their other halves. I know they must have thought about their decision to over and over again and I am just another small person in their life that they are leaving back here in a country they were born into and lived almost half of their lives.

The desicion must have been difficult – but it also makes me wonder if love really do conquers all. Having witnessed numerous problematic relationships makes me shudder at the thought of getting hitched. And, being someone who have not been at all lucky at the gambling table, I know that getting myself married to someone is one huge risk I can’t afford to take. Maybe staying put would be the best option.

But then again, chatting to a colleague the other day (a new one, guys!) brought a new perspective. Not so that it had changed my mind on staying single, but just to be fair, she has her points as well. Life certainly has its ups and downs. Marriage IS a risk, and there are bound to be times where couples fight and disagree. It is how we take it, how we handle it, and how hard we try to keep it. She told of the ups and downs she went through from the first few years of blissful marriage to the strain when one lost employement. She also told of them give and takes between them and the occasional regret she thought of by getting married.

No more partying at night, no more going out as and when she liked. No more buying whatever she wants and trying to plan her budget all the time (that’s when the baby came). Ah… that certainly worried me – take note: not scare, but worry) I don’t know if I could stand this.

Honestly speaking – like what I was telling her, too – I am someone who is afraid of commitments – strange that it comes from a girl and not a guy – I get bored easily and I don’t like to be burdened with lots of responsibilities. For e.g. – I LOVE kids, but let me play with them for a while, once I get bored, please take them away from me. Don’t let them (or anyone) come and bug me when I am sleeping or watching my favourite TV programme. I shall clean my room, my car, the house, as when I feel like it and eat whatever I feel like eating. Don’t want to be tied down by being a ‘responsible’ wife – going home to cook dinner, washing and ironing clothes – getting kids’ stuff done. *shudder*

That is exactly why I have made up my mind that I will look for someone (if this person exists) that is willing to have a relationship with no-strings attached. We like, we go out, we don’t like, we stay at home. You go somewhere, no need to ask me. I go somewhere, no need to ask you. Your money, yours. My money, mine. Dates? Go Dutch… hmmm… someone, find me my dream partner.

Back to my close friends – I sincerely wish them luck (now, I have 2 places to consider when planning for holidays) and I hope that they will live happily ever after (sounds duh, I know) but then again, life would certainly have its ups and downs. Although they might have arguments and disagreements along the way, I pray that they would be able to overcome all obstacles and live with each other till the end. This world badly needs more happy endings.

Well, at least enough to convince me that my super duper, fantastic, compatible and till death do us part other half is out there….


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