Indecisive people

Nothing seemed to worth blogging about these days – or maybe I am sooo…. bogged down with work that I can’t seem to find the time.

My developer *still* has not contacted me and I have started to wonder when they will. Although I don’t really mind them being late (no hurry to move in at all) but the anticipation of moving into a new environment and getting things done with are really creeping into me. And also, with the arrival of not so good news from my mom has also started to get me worried.

You see, this relative of mine who bought over my house (and promising to let us stay put till my new house is ready) is one real fickle-minded, stupid and most irresponsible person I have ever encountered. Luckily none of the family members would be able to chance upon this, else I would be in deep shit trouble talking about him here.

No, he did not change his mind and wanted us out of the house. It’s even worse. He wanted to sell our house. Yes, you’ve read me correctly, he wants to sell our his house.

Anyone who is sane enough would think it is a stupid thing to do, right? (Please agree with me) He has bought over the house from us for less than a year and now he wants to sell it. Reason? It’s too much of a burden to him. And, his kids do not like moving into our house (and area).

Okay, first of all, if you want to buy a house, there would be a burden. Who in their young, working life have not had this burden of paying off for a house before? If they are not, they will be paying rent, right? And if one is lucky enough to be able to afford downpayment for a house, he would already know what lies ahead of him – endless loan instalments to come. Which is why I don’t understand why in the world that he wants to sell this hard earned house which he had owned for just less than a year? Can’t some people think right?

Mom mentioned that he always complained that paying instalments were difficult, there was not much left every month, his family can’t even go for holidays because of this burden, etc, etc. But who in this world (who has a house) has not gone through all these before? I personally believe in suffering and toiling when you are young and comfortable life will wait ahead when you grow old. Apparently, this does not apply to him. I myself had wanted to go for holidays, wanted to get a Masters and wanted to eat expensive food in nice restautrants – but I could not cos the house now is my responsibility! You think I don’t long to be able to have more money when I listen to my friends’ travel stories? Sigh…

The house his family is currently staying is owned by him. He bought it some years ago when he went to UK to work and managed to save quite a bit. Although it is now free from the bank, it is only a shop-house. It is situated right above a row of shops with people selling fake VCDs and cyber-cafes operating 24 hrs a day. Their unit is on the 3rd floor, with most of the lower floors occupied by foreign workers. No lift, just stairs. How can a family be able to live decently there. Okay, I might be a bit bad thinking this way, but if one has a choice, they won’t live in this kind of environment, right? With so many things happening, what if the teengae daughter gets kidnapped when she is heading home? Why does he think a shop-house is a much better place to stay at than a decent terrace house in a decent neighbourhood?

Mom told me that different people has different tastes and we have no right to comment. Yes, I agree it is right, but I just felt that one day they might regret it. I mean, anybody can see the rationale behind what I am saying right? (Say yes, everyone) I retorted to mom that if they were to regret it later, which bank will extend him a loan again to purchase another house. He is already in his forties now. And, will he buy a house in Semenyih or Nilai or somewhere far?

I just could not understand some people. After all the hassle he had gone through, the legal fees paid when purchasing the house, the time spent waiting for the loan approval, countless trips to the bank and lawyer’s office and not to mention KWSP for partial withdrawal. All this hassle gone less than a year. I also asked mom why he would not consider renting our place out. He could nicely get RM500 or more. That could help him with the instalments. At least he can boast that he owns 2 properties. And maybe, when they are old, they can stay here. Who can say what will happen if they are old and they can’t walk up the stairs to their current shop-house anymore?

And the funny thing is, they are trying to sell my house for RM200k. Will you buy a second hand single storey house, with 70 over years left (it’s leasehold) for RM200k when you can get another new, double storey, freehold house (that’s my new house) for RM280k?

I hope they won’t be able to find a buyer (wicked, wicked me). And bear in mind (also currently what’s bothering us) that we will be forced to move if he finds a buyer, although our new hosue is not ready *gasp*. Pray with me…. at least until I get to move into my house first. I really shouldn’t have agreed to sell the house to him.


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