Untidy me

I’m going to let a secret of mine out here, now..

Shhh… I don’t make my bed in the morning. Yes, you’ve heard it right. I am *that* lazy. To me, why make your bed when you are going to mess it up again at night? Doesn’t make sense, right? But the weirdest thing is, I make my bed before I go to sleep…. (wahahahaha…)

And that is why I am always afraid that some unannounced visitor will just drop by and ‘visit’ my room. It is even messier than a teenager’s room. My clothes, books and mags everywhere, bottles of creams, lotions here and there…

Anyway, a surprise that I have found out just recently (from the latest issue of Reader’s Digest) was that untidy beds are healthy. Seems that dust mites thrive in warm, occupied beds and leaving our beds unmade in the morning help remove moisture from the mattress and sheets, so the mites dehydrate and die. Don’t ask me how, I don’t know. It’s just that this report seemed interesting enough for me to feel less guilty leaving my bed unmade.

So, those hardworking ones, leave your bed unmade!!


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