Another New Year

Just 2 more days and we will usher into year 2006. I don’t have much things to write but was compelled to do so as this is the end of the year, and everyone in the blogsphere seemed to be posting their resolutions for the new year and reviewing what they have done for the past.

I hate making New Year Resolutions, cos I know I won’t keep to them until they are realised. Usually, I will forget what my resolutions are a month into of the new year. So, no point. I believe in doing things as and when they needed to be done and people should not wait till the new year and make what needs to be done as their new year resolution.

Looking back, it had been an eventful year for me – I am too lazy to mention the significant stuff here – if you want to know just click on my archives and read them yourself. One thing I am glad, perhaps, would be getting the hang of blogging and hopefully this ‘blog’ will stay put for another couple of years. I just need to keep my fingers crossed – praying that blogger would not just shut down and all my precious entries gone.

I had to admit that time passes real quickly when you are an adult – not like those times when you are still in school and always wondering why on Earth you are still in studying when everyone is working. That time, I can’t just wait to grow up. And now, having been in the workforce for almost 7 years, I have come to realise that I am growing have grown very old!!

Ok… I think I shall not talk about growing old. Maybe just one tiny resolution… to manage my finances better –> to have more $$$ –> to buy more less SK2


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