Thanks guys, for the lovely sunflowers. They make me feel so happy (seriously!) Sunny, beautiful and brightly coloured. One problem though — when I woke up on Tuesday morning, a few bees (yes, bees!) were trying to get to my bunch of flowers through the opening in my dining area. I had placed my flowers near the dinibg table and there is this opening just above the table where the sun shines in.

And when I heard some humming sounds, I thought they were flies but to my horror, I saw bees squeezing themselves in. I was so shocked I took a large plastic bag and covered the flowers, hoping that they will leave. I even had to bring my food (lunch) away from the dining area to eat. But when I came back, the humming had stopped and there were at least 6 or 7 of them (bees) lying dead on the dining table! Yikes! Don’t know why they were dead, thought they would continue to try to find their way into the flowers…

So, I did the most rationale thing — leave them, go to work and let my dad take care of their funeral (hahaha)


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