Such a long time

Gosh… I know it’s been such a long time since I’ve written here. It wasn’t that I am busy, but plain lazy. Sometimes it’s just a hassle to log on to the net and wait and wait for the page to load before you can post something. The internet connection at home are always soooo… sloooww. Even if I have time to do it in the office, I won’t be able to finish the whole post at one time. People will come and talk to you and there will be other disruptions as well. And when there is finally time, you don’t feel like doing it. Sighhh…

Nothing specifically interesting happening at this moment, just days and days of editing and re-editing of my ‘novel’. Some of the chapters are now available online in my website, so, head on there to have a read (if you have the time!) The novel is getting longer than my previous one, and I think I would manage 70k words by the end of it. The link: Novel. And (I think) the only one free enough to read would be the one in Manchester – please tell me if you sense something wrong and see that some of the parts does not make sense. I mean, for example, if Iwrote in the beginning that the girl was 25 years and then suddenly towards the middle part, I wrote that she was 30 years old. My brains are so clogged up and confused now I don’t know what came first and what came after. Okay, yeah, Mrs Morais??

Anyway, I took almost a week off work during my b’day week and stayed at home. It’s rare for me to be able to just laze at home peacefully, so, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Mom fell sick on the eve of my b’day, so, we can’t really go out and eat. Ferried her to the clinic, got her an MC and sent her to bed before going for my facial. She was still not feeling well on my b’day, so, I went out with my aunts and cousins instead. We were at TGV KLCC for Chronicles of Narnia and although I wasn’t too keen on watching it at first, it turned out to be a very nice movie. Incidentally, the movie was released on my b’day itself. Went to Chilli’s for lunch after that, but lunch turned out to be an early dinner cos the movie finished only at about 2.30pm.

It was a good day for me, if not for the time when everyone came into Sasa when I was in the midst of purchasing something, wishing me ‘Happy B’day’ loudly. Quite an embarrassing situation, really, esp when the sales people were exclaiming ‘Oh, is it your birthday today? Happy Birthday!’ So, I had no choice but to tell them to stop greeting me else the whole of KLCC would know its my b’day that day. My aunties had wanted to give me some ang pows but being a nice niece I am, I rejected all of them. It was quite difficult, actually, since I needed some cash now, but it was not very nice for me to take their money.

Went back to the office for an exam invigilation the next day and spent another 4 days lazing at home watching soaps on VCDs. And people were right when they say good times passes quickly. And right after these 4 days, I have to report back to the office for work 😦


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