Homemade Kaya

I’m in the mood of posting pictures, so, here’s one on the homemade kaya my mom made. She asked me to take some pictures just in case she forgets how to make it again next time.

A) Ingredients

Eggs, Sugar, Coconut Milk

B) Method

1) Beat eggs and coconut milk in a big bowl. Put aside. Add in a knot of pandan leaves for extra flavour

2) My mom wants some extra flavour, so in goes another half bowl of coconut milk

3) Pour the sugar into a pot and cook it over low heat until it turns into caramel. Becareful not to burn the sugar, though. When the caramel had browned nicely and is sticky enough, put aside.

4) In the meantime, boil a wok of water.

5) Pour the coconut mixture and the caramel into a pot and place the pot into the wok of boiling water. We are doing some double boiling here.

6) And then, mix and mix and mix until the mixture becomes kaya.

7) And finally,……


Toasted bread with kaya — I know, I know how to eat only..


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