Phew… it had really been a while since I have updated this. Things were really busy, both in the office and at home. My colleagues just returned from their Raya and Deepavali holidays, just in time for me to squeeze this in.

Anyway, I have reached the 26k words target and still going on. Now, I am starting to feel a little bit stressed out and wanted very much just to finish writing up. And every time when the writer’s block hit, I would get all nervous, just in case my mind goes blank and I can’t write anymore.

I went to the UKAN (UK Alumni Network) dinner last Saturday and it wasn’t up to my expectations, esp the food. It pretty much sucked, although it was a sit down affair rather than a buffet. Maybe I am too used to buffets and normal food. The dinner started late, thanks to latecomers and I only got to eat at 9.00pm.

We were first served the appetiser, which I forgot the name but it was just some minced chicken rolled up into some sausage like thing and cut into small portions. We had only about three pieces on our plate. The salad also sucked, not fresh enough. There wasn’t any ‘sweetness’ in them but they taste bitter.

The soup and roll was okay – I think the best among the lot. It was forest cream of mushroom soup. Nothing special to describe, but since I was hungry, I gobbled the whole thing up (along with 2 rolls)

The main course was awful. It was some sort of smoked chicken. Our plate came with this chicken thigh which was tastefully done and it sat on this goo of mashed potatoes. I don’t know how they do it, but this chicken thigh looked like a massive piece of rounded meat with a bone sticking out in the middle. When I told mom, she said they must have sliced the bottom part of the chicken leg and pushed all the meat down. (If you can imagine what I mean)

The meat tasted awfully salty and seriously, the mashed potatoes at KFC was so much better. There were some slices of vegetables like carrots and such but they were tasteless and hard. I thought that freshly steamed vegetables should taste crunchy and sweet? Sigh…

Dessert was even worse. Brownies. I am not sure if expensive brownies were supposed to taste that way or am I used to cheap ones. I thought brownies should be soft like chocolate cakes and at the top with rich and tasty melted chocolate.

But this — the supposedly ‘melted’ chocolate tasted so sweet we thought it was a bit artificial and there wasn’t any chocolate taste at all. It seemed like some chocolate frosting that you eat from cakes that you buy at the night market. You know, when you out them in your mouth, it is not creamy and rich but you can taste grains of sugar. And the cake part was so hard I can’t even poke it with my fork.

What a disappointment for the RM100 that I paid. And we had to wait and wait and endure the games session to reach the luck draw session. And my oh my, luckily for me, I managed to get something. I got a one night weekend stay in Shangri-La KL for 2 persons, which I think I am going to let mom and dad go. No point for me going alone. And finally, I get to go home only at 12pm…


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