Shooting Incident – Part 2

Last night when mom was driving me home, she told me the second part of the shooting story. Another uncle of mine (S) – the one who bought over my house – had came over to kaypo, checking if his house has been damaged. He suggested that we should build a brick wall between our houses, just in case something bad happens again. He doesn’t mind paying for the costs incurred (he said) but wouldn’t it make more sense if he did it himself? I told mom that it was so cunning of him to let us be the ‘bad people’. Well, who cares now about the house since we are moving in a few months’ time.

Anyway, S went to his place of work and told another cousin of mine (T). T and my next door cousin (okay, for convenience’s sake let’s name him R) are brothers. Confusing, eh? Anyway, if you are still following me…

T went home and told his mom (my aunt, my mom’s sis) and being a mother, of course, she freaked out and complained to her daughter (K). A bit about the history of the family. R and his family (wife and kids) are ‘estranged’ from the whole family. They live separately, one family in KL (my aunt and her daughter, K – with her hubby and son) and one in Ampang (R and his wife and kids, also my next door neighbour). Both families ‘tak ngam’ one. K’s hubby is actually one of those secret society’s big brother while R is those type who will get loans from ah longs and go into hiding (you know what I mean).

So, when my aunt was complaining to K, the husband overhead the conversation and casually remarked – ‘Oh yes, I knew that. That fella is one of my men. I knew he was your son so, I asked the fella to scare him a little bit.’

Yikes! What a story!


2 comments on “Shooting Incident – Part 2

  1. noriza says:

    hi jennare you telling us that you belongs to the ‘Godfather’ clan kinnda thing??

  2. CREJ says:

    No, of course I don’t. I belong to the decent kind of family. But if you guys need any help, you know where to find me! LOL

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