Die, die-lah!

That was my first thought when I went in for the second day of my presentation course. This time round, we dealt with problems associated with ‘ourselves’, ie, the presenter. (Yesterday’s course covered stuff like generating ideas, structuring of information and the whole presentation itself, like opening, closing, etc). We were thought how to deal with fear, how to avoid being nervous, fumbling with words, forgetting our scripts (and in my case, speaking too fast) as well as getting the audience’s attention and giving extra emphasis and impact on what we are trying to relay.

It was good overall, this time round we were given lots of chances to ‘practice’, which I think is fantastic cos it lets you do a bit of a warm-up before the real thing comes on. (Oh yes, we need to do another final round of presentation at the end of the day). After lunch, we were given only about an hour to present our stuff. We had laptops to make use of if we need to use some visual aids to help. (I did not use any – I just spoke).

Although we were free to choose any topic that we want to speak on, we were advised to choose something that would probably be useful in our line of work – a presentation that we might actually use in the office. Since I don’t think that ‘my audience’ (v. important) would need English classes, I presented something on our E-library. Sounds like a sales pitch to me, actually, and those who know me well knows that I could not sell to save my life.

Again, the videocam came on and we were recorded individually. I noticed that the choice of clothes do help me look thinner and although I still think I look fat, it was less apparent than yesterday. I tried my best to apply all I have learnt, pausing and taking my time, but my voice still shook. I could not help but kept referring to my notes and this, I noticed, after I have watched myself on TV again, kept me rigid without any gestures.

During the feedback time, our trainer thought that I was one of the good ones (yay!) and I was quite a natural presenter (hhmm.. wonder if this is good?). We were also rated by our fellow learners and for each of the vital points that we need to apply to our piece, we were given a rating between 1(poor) – 5 (good). When I was handed back those slips of paper, I was glad to see lots of 4s and some 3s and 5s. Not bad for a beginner, yeah?!

Anyway, I think that the workshop was very beneficial and would highly recommend it to my other colleagues. (Go on guys! You will have fun!)

And oh… I almost forgot — at the end of the day, when we were ready to go, someone actually came over and paid me for a E-library membership! What a pleasant surprise! I can actually make a sales pitch in under 3 mins! Now, that’s what I call an effective presentation (ahem!)


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