Went to the Macbeth play in KLPac on Sunday. It was just a 90 mins play and fortunately, I managed to get a free ticket, courtesy of the company. (Well, I wouldn’t actually pay to go to this kind of plays)

It was a good one, although I didn’t really understand what was going on stage. A colleague of mine was right. He went the day before and his comment was that the play would be difficult to understand for someone which English is not their first language. I had expected it, though, having some experience with Shakespeare during my secondary school years. You will really need to read and read the words carefully before understanding what is going on. Luckily enough, I have read a summary on the play from a link forwarded by another colleague.

There were lots of people there the day I went and I nearly didn’t make it cos there was an awful traffic jam. I was surprised to see a bus load of people there and thought that there was another play going on somewhere. I was wrong. They were heading for Macbeth. I found out later that they were from some ‘Maktab Penguruan’ thingy and wondered if they got their tickets FOC as well.

My seat was alright, despite it being free (but another colleague of mine has the best one) but the only thing that irates me was the group of people who can’t seem to stop talking. They were they were the group from the ‘Maktab Penguruan’. (Okay.. to be fair to them, only two idiots were talking – the others kept quiet) I thought they might not understand the play and find it boring, but I don’t understand the play either, and at least I make the effort to shut my mouth)

At ont point of time, someone’s handphone rang and everyone went sshhh…!!! at the same time. Ironically, those two who seem to be more interested in their conversation suddenly turned irritated and sshhh-ed the loudest. How appalling!

However, it was overall a good play and I must admit that the people on the stage was simply brilliant. How people can stage a performance effortlessly is usually beyond my understanding. KLPac itself is a clean and nice place, everyone should pop in every now and then if there are any interesting plays or concerts to their liking.


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