Lazy me..

Lazy me.. I have not been updating my blog for what it seems like ages. When I checked recently, whoa.. it was more than a month. It isn’t that I have absolutely nothing to blog about, but I am just plain lazy (and tired as well, being buried under heavy workload).

Anyway, over the past month, things happening were pretty unsignificant. Hmm.. I wonder what I shall write about…

The case where one of my colleague resigned on a 24hr notice?

The time where I was so tired cos I had to work 9 consecutive days in a row before finally having a public holiday break?

Or the experiences I had (and not to mention the mad people I met) during an exhibition that my company had organised?

The agonising 2 hours that I had waited for my brother at the station just because they closed the roads for the Merdeka celebrations and the clever boy who had chosen to come back on the Eve of Merdeka?

The sick feeling I had after my long leave upon my return to the office?

The recent hoo-haa in the country after Bank Negara has announced that the RM1 coin will cease as legal tender with effect from December 2005 ?

Another hoo-haa which directly effects me and my colleagues when the govt suddenly announced the early closure of all schools, making these schools have replacement classes on Saturdays and thus effecting our classes?

Well, my dear readers (if there are any at all) – choose one and I shall elaborate on it (if I am nto too lazy) but for the time being, short sentences will do…


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