Wander’s Day Out

Wanderfullest was sitting in a bus next to a ‘vertically-challenged woman’ whose thigh kept pressing against hers, making it very uncomfortable. And every time the bus applied the brake, Wander get squashed further (she was sitting on the seat right behind the driver, you see, the ones which are placed facing the windows opposite).

When the bus came to stop and a passenger from another seat (those single ones opposite her) got off the bus, she wanted to go over there but was afraid that her actions would hurt the passenger sitting beside her. That would mean to tell everyone on the bus that the woman beside her is, ummm… rather big.

Wander does not have anything against ‘big’ people, cos she is rather plump herself, but sometimes if you are squashed in between two bis sweaty ones, your perception will change tremendously. In order to keep her mind off the thighs, (hers was starting to sweat as well) Wander started to day-dream.


And then suddenly – without her realising – there was a loud screech followed by a tremendous bang. In a blink of an eye, Wander found herself under the passenger who was previously sat next to her. Her body ached all over and there were screams and smoke everywhere. Wander was shocked when the reality sinked in. There had been an accident. She tried to free herself but could not due to the massive weight of the woman on top of her. She doesn’t seem to be moving at all, so Wander was wondering if she is dead. Oh, fantastic, a dead body over her!
The woman’s arms was on Wander’s face, making it difficult for her to breathe. She started to choke and could now visualise the front page of next day’s paper – Girl buried under fellow passenger suffocated to death in accident. She tried hard to free herself but to no avail. And slowly, slowly, she is drifting off —–


Luckily, that was not what had happened, although Wander was day-dreaming of it happening on her journey at that time. It was also a relief for Wander that the woman got off the bus much earlier, (she was hoping that the woman’s destination that day would not be downtown KL) so she could realx for the rest of her journey.

She ended up alighting at KLCC – a day of relaxation and shopping for her. Wander first got herself a ticket for War of the Worlds in TGV. The show has been going on for quite some time and not many people were watching it. She was the first to enter the cinema hall and for a good few minutes thought that she was the only one since no others were arriving.

There was a cinema staff walking around and Wander got paranoid again. What if she really is the only one? Should she stay? What if she got mugged by the staff? For two hours, her screams would be drowned by the loud speakers and no one will come to her rescue. Another headline came into her mind – ‘Cinema goer found dead alone’

Wander breathed a sigh of relief again when some others came in much later. She continued to enjoy the whole movie without any interruptions – it was a very good one – pat on the back to Steven.

After the movie and having a light lunch, Wander went shopping around. It’s the Mega Sales and she wanted to buy some bras. She finally settled on some (after trying them on for ages, looking for the perfect fit) and went home happily at about 3.30pm. She didn’t want to shop some more cos she had blown Rm100 over on those bras.

Upon reaching home, she was already dead tired – taking the bus was not one of the things she does everyday. After changing, she settled down to watch her favourite sitcom on TV. That was when her colleague called from the office. Wander was wanted to go to the office cos another colleague needs to go on emergency leave. She went like, ‘What?! Me going back to KL during the rush hour and work for only 3 miserable hours? No way!” So, Wander advised this colleague to negotiate with da bosses for an exception – close early. Luckily though, the negotiation went on well and Wander did not need to go back to the office.

Sigh… what a Wan-derful day…


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