Workshop – Continued

The second half of the workshop was not up to my expectations, as compared to the first half. Things were rushed through and I thought that the discussions held were quite advanced. I could not really understand most of the things said and manage only the get a gist of what needs to be done.

Luckily for me, though, our tutor actually offered to send us all the relevant notes and slides used. I was chatting with one of the participants after the workshop and he was commenting that the tutor should not have given us so much technical information, but to give us real life, layman examples of what happened and how to prevent theft over the net from happening.

And — the best part is, some reporter from The Star came in during lunch to ‘interview’ me. So, one day, I might just see a report of the workshop with me giving some boring comments. I shall scan through the pages carefully now.


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