Star Learning Skills Workshop 2

I have yet sacrificed another Sunday of mine (and RM350) as well to attend this workshop organised by The Star . I had attended one such workshop before and it was a year back. I have also blogged about the workshop.

So, here I am again, alone after lunch, trying to blog from Informatics computer lab with free internet access.

This time, though, the workshop was more interesting. For the first half of the day we were briefed on internet security as well as how we can protect ourselves on the net. Before regsitering for this workshop, there were already a lot of hoo-hahs going around about internet security and spywares installed in personal computers and how they pose as a threat to us, so, I felt that this workshop is indeed timely. Furthermore, I do a lot of internet banking at home, so, I think it would be better if I know how hackers actually work.

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting much from the workshop as compared to the one I attended. It was surprisingly informative (maybe cos I have no idea at all how these things work) and I am looking forward to the next half of the class. Our facilitator was mentioning that he would give us a chance later to create a password and he would crack our passwords – a prove that anything can be done on the web. I am getting real excited cos I think I know the way to create a real ‘good’ password, thanks to BC.

Food, on the other hand, had improved, although I still will give them a so-so grade. They are nothing to shout about – plain, tasteless food. Ah well, it wasn’t really the food I am after, so, what the heck. If I was really concerned about food, I wouldn’t have registered at all, given last year’s experience. (food sucks big time)

Hopefully, the next half of the class would prove worth my RM350 and I shall blog again on updates.


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