Sinseh No 2

I went to another sinseh yesterday since I have finished my course of medicine but saw no evident results with the previous one. This came recommended by some of my colleagues who had been treated by him before.

We went there quite late yesterday evening and there were a lot of people. Luckily for us, we didn’t wait for that long, just about 1/2 hr. I braced myself for yet another round of ‘discrimination’ of not being able to read or write Chinese – cos this sinseh is even worse – he is a Taiwanese and before seeing his patients, we had to fill up a form in Chinese. That also means that he spoke no Cantonese or English, unlike the snobbish one.

Surprisingly, there were also quite a number of youngsters there – and I thought no one young nowadays would go for traditional medicine. And this time, the consultation actually took place in a separate room.

Anyway, we were ushered in by a woman in a doctor’s attire and a surgical mask. She took my blood pressure, checked my eyes and asked me to stick out my tongue. She even checked my pulse and queried about the regularity of my menses. So far, so good. At least she took the effort to ‘examine’ me.

Mom then gave her a brief history on my lumps and she promptly wrote everything down. Then, another male doc came in. The woman briefed him on what my illness was and he queried me more on my history. When mom explained to him, he seemed amused and asked me the question: Do I not know Chinese? I shook my head and he gave a smile – * Yikes! Not another stubborn old man!? *

He queried whether I understood him if he spoke – and I nodded, cos I do really understand him, it’s just that I can’t get words out of my mouth. He proceeded to ask me if I have had bad coughs, and when I replied no, he then asked again how come I was diagnosed as having TB by the specialist if I have had no coughs. (Which I totally agreed and was wondering int he very first place)

He also mentioned that in Chinese Acupuncture and Healing, there are parts of the human body which should not be touched, and one of them being the neck area. All these areas are interconnected and if we interfere with one part, something’s gonna happen to another. And that is why new lumps are growing on the right side of my neck.

[This is also supported by what the snobbish sinseh ahd said – when I told him I had a surgery to remove my lumps – he sarcastically told me to see how many times I need to cut myself up]

And when I told him about the lumps on my thighs, he felt them and mentioned that not all lumps are cancerous or dangerous and he believed that these lumps on my thighs are merely accumulated and hardened fat. [The chest specialist I was seeing had also mentioned this before when I showed him the lumps on my thighs – he thinks that they might be accumulated fat but he suggested another surgery]

After more information passed to mom on what I should be eating and what I shouldn’t be eating, I was dismissed from the room and waited for my medication. This time, no more murky and bitter tasting brew. They came in convenient pre-packaged powder, which I just need to swallow 3 times a day, after food. Mom was extremely relieved as well cos she does not need to brew those medication anymore.

She complained that we should have consulted this sinseh in the very first place instead of the extremely snobbish one. Have to be scolded some more – the medication so expensive some more – she need to brew the herbs some more – doesn’t work some more – Ceh…

And from now on, when I am on medication, no more spicy and fried food for me, and no more cold drinks as well. Sigh.. guess I will just need to comply for the time being till my lumps are gone. And fingers crossed, this time they will go away..


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