Caffeine and weight loss

No, these two are definitely not in correlation.

I have been having only 1/2 a cup of coffee (with only 1/2 teaspoon of coffee, so, the coffee I am having is not stronger) for the past two days; in an attempt to rid myself of caffeine; and doing, shall I say, pretty well. I am awake most of the time in the mornings, but started to feel sleepy and tired towards the late afternoons. (I guess that is when the caffeine starts to wear off) I was so dead tired by the time I reach home that I had to go to bed early for the past 2 days. Even mom noticed that and queried me on my early to bed routine. Hopefully, in the near future, I would be able to rid caffeine off my bloodstream completely.


Now, on weight loss…

I received an email very recently from my brother saying that his size had reduced from 100 over kgs to 90-plus kgs. I was, indeed, shocked, while mom and dad was ecstatic (their son is finally a handsome boy). This is because he was the only one reason that I can relate to to my expanding waist size. What if now people start to compare us as brother and sister?

Apparently, he had been reducing his food intake and *gasp* exercising regularly. He mentioned that he had been doing sit-ups every night since a year ago and that had actually contributed to his weight loss. He has also been frequenting the gym. Gosh… I do envy and admire him for his persistence. I can never, ever have the patience to do all these. What am I supposed to do now to keep up?

Another worry to add on to my already ‘colourful’ life..


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