I tried unsuccessfully again for the second time (first time here) to rid myself off caffeine. I ended up having a terrible migraine. Tried also to swallow a pain-killer but it didn’t work. In the end, I had to leave early from work. Driving home was another torture. Luckily it was still early and traffic was okay.

Had a nap after I got home and recovered only at about 8.00pm — and now, at 10.00pm, I am wide awake.

I promise myself, never, ever to try to do it cold turkey again. How am I going to live without coffee? Would I be able even to survive? Will there be a day where I could go to work without having my daily cuppa? And why do they have support groups for alcoholics and smokers but not caffeine addicts? Anyone knows if there is a caffeine patch (as opposed to nicotine patch) that can help me?


One comment on “Caffeine

  1. E-ren says:

    The other days I just read an article about caffeine. I will bring the magazine and it might be useful for you.

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