Struggling to complete my self-assessment had me starting to wonder which other company actually implements this ‘transparent’ procedure. Although this is tagged as a privilege that most in the working force wishes to have, I find it a hassle. Now tell me, what could you possibly write about when your job is extremely monotonous? Is isn’t that nothing much has been achieved by me for the past year, but who could possibly remember each and every ‘achievement’ and able to put everything in? Asians in general are not the best own trumpet blowers – we are taught to be humble and be discreet about our achievements; but this time, we are thrown into a completely different culture whereby employees are given a (fair) chance of giving their feedback and ensuring that their achievements are given due credit in their annual performance appraisals. Sigh..

And this whole self-assessment thingy is not just voicing out your feedback to your line manager, but completing an approx 10-question form and justifying your answers with examples. It had taken me almost three evenings to answer them and I still need to refer to my previous year’s self-assessment (for some cut and paste – *grin*) and job description to get some ideas. Defiantely not for someone who is suffering from writers’ block.

It should be easy enough if we were asked to answer the questions ‘truthfully’, but this is a self-assesment, a formal document that will act as a channel to your performance evaluation, as well as going into your personal HR file. Lies and exagerration Careful planning and serious considerations are the necessities.

Since I am bored to death already trying to figure our what to write, let me try to answer some of the questions ‘truthfully’ here:

1) What skills have you developed for the past 12 months?
– learning to lie convincingly and at the same time gaining trust from the people I lie to
– being able to understand people of other nationalities with poor language skills
– able to communicate with children of all ages and successfully upgraded my title to ‘Aunty’

2) Which do you consider most significant and why?
Lying. It is an art which not many can do (esp ‘convincingly’).

3) In what areas are your objectives not met? Why?
– My main objective is for all customers to be nice to us all the time. It was not met because most people who walk-in are dumb people who choose not to understand us properly.
– Second objective is to have other departments which are not contributing enough shift out of the building. Reason why: Rent is too expensive in KL, we have to make do sitting close to each other.

4) Your hopes for the future.
– Pay rise to supplement the stress we are going through
– Periodic week away from customers and having senior management answering to their whines
– Paid company trip to de-stress.

Now, back to my assesment….. again….


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