Lumps Update

Went to see Dr Chan (the specialist) again today. I have been taken those darn pills for two months already and luckily, there is some progress. If it weren’t for the new one which had grown overnight, I would be extremely happy and probably be sent off without having to continue with the pills.

The new one, however, had grown smaller as well and this could also be an advantage. Dr Chan commented that he is a bit worried and suspected that the new one might not be the same virus. According to him, it is pretty impossible for one lump to be growing smaller in size and another to pop out just overnight. Worse come to worse, he suggested that we remove the new one and send it for testing. After hearing this, I was shocked and made a mental note NOT to go for any more surgeries. It does not make sense at all, come to think of it and how many times do I need to get cut up? After all, I still have the ones on my thighs to worry about.

I am starting to get fed up with all these. even though I had may mind made up earlier on going for a surgery for the lumps on my thighs (in July) – I am not so sure whether I want to do it anymore. It seems never ending. What if I need further follow-ups again after the one on my thigh is removed? When is this going end?


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