Lightings Again!

It seems that everyone around me is sharing the same predicament. And everyone I know is having renovations done on their new houses. Mine is not exactly ready yet, but looking (as well as reading) at other’s experience is definately an eye-opening experience. Besides my aunt’s house, there were some people on the blogsphere who were doing the same. Two of them are ‘kstang’ and ‘yenster’.

We went to yet another quest of shopping around for lightings with my aunt yesterday. I do not know why she still had not made her decision on which shop to settle with, I thought with the major shopping outing last time – she would have already gotten everything. But then again, like mom commented, she was RM6k poorer last time (they recently had a windfall from Magnum 4D) and now she would obviously wanted something more expensive.

Yesterday’s outing, however, turned out to be a great disaster. Rather than shopping around for lights, we ended up with a half day tour around Klang town. None of us (five altogether) knew exactly where the shop was and thus, we keep getting lost. We were going round and round before finally giving up and detouring to visit a friend in Sg Buloh instead. The whole incident angered both mom and dad. It was a total waste of time. Imagine, a few hours spent just on the roads without anything conclusive. As for me, I just sat in the backseat of the car, enjoying the view. Sigh… what can I say? It was them who want to follow the others shopping in the first place. It would have been so much better to just stay at home and catch up with some zzzz…

The friend’s house in Sg Buloh had just recently been renovated and that was also one of the reason we dropped by. Nothing interesting – just a new coat of paint and some improvements here and there. The only thing that caught my eye was a corner that was converted to a somewhat ‘Balinese’ concept. The whole wall was fixed with decorative bricks and several pieces of rectangular marbles were fixed horizontally onto the brick wall, making the whole thing look like a display panel. Some of their precious crystals were displayed on top. Several spotlights were also fixed on the ceiling just above the wall and they casted a beautiful ray on the crystal display. I am thinking of doing that for my living room – since dad wanted to have a panel put up to cover the visible staircase. When asked about the price, she mentioned it was about RM7k (horrors!) but maybe we could minimise the cost by replacing the marble bit with plain wood? I think I really need to start looking at having a renovation diary will all the costings planned out…


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