Good news vs Bad news

After weeks of having to face idiotic people without a long break, I finally managed to find time to take my annual leave. It was considered a long break for me – 4 days in a row. People say times that you enjoy pass by quickly and true enough, I will be back at work yet again tomorrow.

Went for my check-up again today in the morning. The initial lumps on my neck has grown noticably smaller after a month of medication. This is certainly a big relief, since I might not need to continue with those darn pills much longer. However, the bad news is – I discovered a new lump last Saturday. It was not at the location my ‘old lumps’ were, but on the right side of my neck now. It had just appeared out of nowhere – I had not felt it even last Friday. (Ever since the operation, I would try to feel my lumps every day to see if they have grown smaller in size).

It came as a shock to me, as I was very, very much anticipating that I would be cured in no time. Dr Chan was not pleased as well, saying that new lumps emerging are usually NOT a good sign. I probed further, saying that it would be impossible for new lumps to be growing if the medication is working. And of course, if my ‘old lumps’ are getting smaller, that would also mean that the medications are working – to which he agreed.

I wondered if this new-found lump is just a lymph node that I should not worry too much about. Dr Chan thought of that as well and so, he prescribed me yet some more new medications. And now, in total, I have 10 pills to swallow every day. I do not know when this is going to end and hopefully, this new lump is just some lymph node or inflammation and it will go down with the new prescription.

I will have to go back again in two weeks to see Dr Chan. If this new lump does not reduce in size by then, it would mean that the previous medication he prescribed was not strong enough. (Due to the side-effects of the drugs, doctors in general would usually prescribe the mild ones first) He also mentioned that if the stronger ones do not work, then they might have to remove the lump yet again, test these drugs on the bacteria itself in the lab, then only feed me with the most appropriate ones. Sigh… will provide updates again two weeks later — hopefully the new one will grow smaller…

Since the check-up was in the morning, I went with mom (she took leave to go shopping with me!) to One Utama to do some window shopping. We had not been there for a long time and we just had to take this opportunity to spend some time together, especially without dad around. We also had not been to the New Wing, so, the whole day today was spent walking around.

There were also some companies selling custom made awnings and these things they call polycarbonate skylights. We wanted to get some of these for our new house’s car porch, so, we listened to their sales person with their sales pitch. Their rough quotations made us gasp in horror, and although they tried to make us sign up (cos it’s the last day of their promotion) we cleverly said that we had to ask dad first. We ended up with lots of informative brochures and at least, an idea of how much we will need to set aside for the car porch alone.

Anyway, to the good news – I’ve finally got my digital camera. I ended up buying Nikon’s Coolpix 5600 and after scouting around hundreds of shops, I managed to find one with a good price and scheme to pay for it – 9 months interest-free with my credit card. I had wanted to pay for it in 6 months’ time but they said with Citibank, I am only allowed to have 9 months repayment period. But as for now, the proud owner of a new digital camera still could not take pictures yet – I am still charging the batteries at home and going through the manual that comes with it. (hehehe..)

Will post some pictures here after I figure our how to use it thoroughly…


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