Facial & Cheesecake

Since it is my day off today, I had dutifully went for my facial in the morning. It has been almost four months since I went there to get all my blackheads and whiteheads extracted. I was expecting a long and painful procedure, but surprisingly, the beautician found that my face had cleared tremendously. It needed no tedious extracting like before. She kept on asking why and I kept telling her that I do not know – probably due to my religious cleansing of my face?

It was only the half truth, of course. I think that it might be due to the miraculous Cellnique Gel that I had bought. My face before this gel was extremely oily and whiteheads production was at it max. They were extremely evident on my chin – and I could always feel ‘stubbles’ on that area. Blotting the area with oil blotters didn’t seem to work and I had to stick to my monthly regime of going for facials. Not only that, during these sessions, I had to endure extreme pain just to get those tiny pesky little things cleaned thoroughly from my chin.

Anyway, I had seen this advert on the newspaper and it claims to reduce blackheads and whiteheads in 10 days. I didn’t believe that 10 days part, actually, but to reduce them was okay for me. At least I would not feel these ‘stubbles’ anymore. So, went and bought one and voila, smooth feeling on my chin and minus the oiliness as well. At first, I was a bit sceptical cos I thought the gel only masks the whiteheads on my chin. I wondered if these whiteheads are actually concealed by the clear gel and buries them even deeper, so that I could not feel them on the skin surface. But after my visit to my beautician today (she said that she tried to extract for me but nothing is there) I think I am going to be a loyal user this time.

After just more than an hour (I usually have to spend two hours there) I got out from the salon and headed to do some shopping. There wasn’t anything interesting to buy (no need to, thanks to my uniform at work!) so, thought of getting the ingredients for a cheesecake that someone had made. It tasted good and needs no baking, so, I thought that I should give it a try. Managed to get all ingredients and went home to start my ‘project’……

It had seemed easy enough just by reading the recipe, but when I had actually started it, the mess I made will definitely give mom a heart attack if she was there (I managed to clean everything up just before she came home)

First, I had to crush the load of biscuits that I had bought. They were NOT EASY to crush, mind you and I ended up having coarsely crushed biscuits rather than finely crushed biscuits. The crumbs flew all over the place and I had to half run after the flyaway crumbs and half protect the crushed ones from the blowing wind (I had the fan on!).

Secondly, I had to mix the butter into the crumbs, which proved to be another feat. My mixing bowl was just a large bowl whereby Chinese families put their soup in. (I don’t have any baking utensils at home). Again, the crumbs fell all over the place and I had to be really, really careful while trying hard to mix everything. Finally, when the cheesecake base was ready, I tried to press them into a dish that was too small and then I had to transfer them into another plate (no casserole dish for me – I just used on stainless steel plate – something like the hot plate that your Pan Pizza comes in) And — in the quest of getting excited from getting the base done with, I didn’t really press the base real hard.

After that, I proceeded to the cheesy part. I removed the block of cream cheese from its packaging and found two cheese cakes recipe in it. Read them a bit and suddenly discovered that the recipe was the exact same as the one ‘someone’ has posted in her blog (keh keh). Drained the contents of the whipping cream box onto the cream cheese and attempted to ‘beat them until smooth’. Although the recipe suggested using electric beaters, I had to make do manually as I do not have electric ones. And round and round and round my hand went until they grew extremely tired – but still the mixture was not anywhere near smooth.

Got a bit impatient and added in the orange concentrate, lemon juice as well as the gelatine mexture, hoping that they will sort of melt the cream cheese a little bit more. But they did not. I continued mixing until I could not stand it anymore and came up with a bright idea. I took out the cheese cake base from the fridge and poured the mixture through a sieve (how clever!). The mixture that went through the sieve was smooth enough and I poured just enough to cover the whole plate. And finally, in the fridge the cake goes.

As for the lumpy mixture that was left over, I just poured them down the sink – Well, who cares! It’s the finished product that matters. Cleaning up was a hassle – I had to scrub everything clean cos mom absolutely hates the cheesy and buttery smell. She would puke at the slightest smell of butter, which is also why no one in the family bakes.

Mom’s sis came over at night to visit and since she loves cheese cakes – I managed to coax her into trying mine. The base was not compressed enough, she said, and it was a bit tasteless. The cheese, however was very well done. Looks a bit like steamed egg custard – smooth and sweet. Wow, not bad huh, for my first time. I also managed to get rid of a few slices by asking her to take them home for her kids, else, I would never, ever be able to finish the whole cake.

Although I had learnt what was wrong with this first time and think will be able to do better next, I still would prefer to just fish some money out of my pocket, buy one from the shops and chuck it down my throat. No buying of ingredients, no trying hard to ‘beat mixture until smooth’, no worries of mixture being too lumpy, no need to clean up, no need to wait till the cake sets and best of all, the cakes at the shop taste a whole lot better.


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