Money, money, money

I was reading another blogger’s post and suddenly was thrown into worry. She was writing about her new house and the on-goings of the renovations. It seems that the stuff that people need to do and buy was neverending. This goes to the money that is needed to fund all these nitty gritty stuff as well.

My mom and I were basically just making mental notes on what is needed now. Unless we get to see the finished product, we can’t really decide on what is needed and what is not. I think I should now start a list of all the things that we really need – seems to me that mom, dad and I have different perceptions of need.

Well of course, if we can a considerable sum of savings, these would be solved – but we don’t and we are also thinking wisely that we should have some cash flow ready just in case something happens. In addition to that, we were also thinking that we could move some of our stuff to the new house, but then again, even if we don’t mind making do with old stuff in a new house – we can’t really move everything.

The aircon in my room, first of all, is already suffering from acute asthma. The aircon doctor we had summoned had strongly suggested that we get a new one. And now, for someone who can live without her handphone and TV, air-con is the thing that I couldn’t live without (besides food). Air-con, a necessity.

Secondly, mom’s washing machine is already leaking and the top cover, broken. Unless we want to have laundry flying all over the house when it is spinning dry our clothes, we will need to get a new one. And to the two women in the household, having to wash tubs and tubs of clothes is a nightmare – so, there goes another necessity.

So, these two alone would have cost us a bomb, not to mention other costs as well, such as paints, lights, electrical wirings, grills, etc, which definitely needs to be done.

Sigh… and there are the labour costs for getting people to move our furniture?? When will it ever end??


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