The wonders of technology

At the exact same time of updating this blog, I am also talking to my brother via video conferencing (he bought a new webcam). I was initially very excited when he said he was going to purchase one and we would be one of the few who are going to get to see him first using this webcam of his. 🙂

Honestly, I am actually extremely amazed by the advanced stage of technology we are now in. I know webcams are actually nothing new and have been in existence long enough for normal people like us to be able to afford it, but then again, ever since I have outgrown my teenage years, technology seems to be a foreign word to me now. *sigh*

You will have to admit that you are indeed getting old when people around you start to talk in the language you do not understand and you just sit there with a blank face. But I certainly do not want to be left out and labelled as one of the ‘older generation’. I admit that I am no longer a SYT – I do not have any problems with kids calling me ‘aunty’ and proclaiming that I am reaching the big 3-‘0’ – but I certainly do not want to be left out, knowledge wise.

So, that is why also I am going to but myself a new webcam, a microphone — and the digital camera that I have been eyeing for a long, long time.

The only problem now is figuring out the total costs and where I could get the money.

*thinks* Maybe I could ask someone to sponsor those products – one who always calls her son in S’pore on the phone – it will be cheaper, anyway, to talk using the net rather than the phone, wouldn’t it?

Such a good idea…


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