Headaches (X10)

Went shopping around for furnitures and lightings with Aunt E yesterday. Her new house was ready and they will be moving in *real soon* (somewhere around Sept – that is also if she could get everything done by then). Since we will need to do all this shopping sooner or later, we tagged along as well, hoping to get a rough idea on what to purchase and how much they will cost.

It was extremely tiring, our first stop being her ‘new house’. She had this contractor there, looking around, offering quotations. We even went around other houses in the neighbourhood, which was under construction by the same contractor, to get an idea on what are other people doing to their houses. Their quotations appalled mom and I and we are already planning to just move in without any renovations done, looking at our current state of bank balance. Else, we have to start be real careful with our spending now.

Went around the Puchong area after that, scouting for furnitures. My cousins and I were so tired and thirsty (it was scorching) that we actually ended up in Tesco, sitting down and having a drink. There, more ‘discussions’ ensued on what to buy and what not to buy. These ‘pre-discussions’ were already giving me headaches and I was beginning to feel phobic on the whole moving house thingy.

Shops selling lightings were our next stop and there were outrageous numbers of different lightings with outrageous prices to choose from. Found out that although some lightings might be cheap but there are other considerations such as the ceiling quality and electrician’s fees to do the dirty job for us. A simple light might just cost RM20 but having to fix it to the space where we want it to be might cost even more. (And that is just for one lighting)

By this time, we were already having arguments for having to consider about so many issues. Didn’t know that there were so many little things to think about. Have started to wonder if we would survive everything at all!

After the lightings part, my cousin sis called one of her friends, who happened to be staying in the area, and was invited to pay her a visit. Her house is located in one of the affluent areas of Puchong and when we reached there, we found out that this friend of hers was filthy rich. *cringe*

The house (a semi-D) alone costed RM900k and that does not include renovations. There was a big garden at the side, complete with a small waterfall, and a big pond with lots of carp fishes. I whispered to mom that the garden alone would have costed the same as our house.

It was so posh and tastefully decorated (something like a mansion out of Mahligai Impian) that it made us think of our own house and cringe with embarrassment. We were like a bunch of orang kampung there. Not only that, the owner had specially made grass (those type that they sell in patches from gardens) to complement his small pond. Heck, they even had a CCTV installed inside the house and paid regular money along with their neighbours to have 24-hour security.

How I wish I could afford that – but come to think of it, I will be working my a** off to finance a house that big and cleaning my butt off every week to keep it in a spotless state. Now, I do not need to care if my bed is not made and beloved dog shakes all his fur into the living room.

** Yeah, I know – it’s the sour grapes case for me **


One comment on “Headaches (X10)

  1. CREN says:

    Yo actually watch Mahligai Impian??

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