Childhood Trauma

After so many posts on my lumps, I guess I need to give them a break (and give readers a break, as well) and stop talking about them. Heck, if I ignore them, they might just probably disappear (not!)

Anyway, mom and I went to a restaurant that we have never been before (dad was vegetarian that day) and it appeared to be one of those *now* popular HK style coffee shops. One of the up-market ones opened at Mid Valley not so long ago and smaller, ‘pirated’ ones have also mushroomed in small housing areas. Since dad was not there with us, we ordered quite a few dishe to try out. Stuffed ourselves to the max – while mum kept ordering her food dish by dish. I hope we had not irritated the waiter to the max.

Back to topic, we ordered fried dumplings and to my utter disgust, the filling was the stuff I hated most – cabbage with dried prawns. I was half cursing and half wondering why on Earth couldn’t they put minced pork as the filling. Minced pork, is, after all, the main ingredient they use as dumpling fillings. I had to literally force the dumplings down my throat.


My hate-affair with this dish (a very traditional Chinese – mom said) started when I was a young girl. Mom had sent me a to a tuition center who had catering services as well. To make long story short, I was a very thin and malnourished-looking (seriously!) girl and absolutely hate food. Everyday (yes, I have to go to the tuition center everyday! – mom’s way of getting rid of me) I have to stuff myself with a very large bowl of rice.

I hated eating there – one; because of my then still very much surpressed appetite, I don’t like food – two; I was made to finish my food every time, although I was on the verge of vomiting and three; the food there was not so delicious, either (well, it was balanced and nutricious, actually, in a mother’s point of view)

One of the dish was this stir-fried cabbage with dried prawns which I hated a lot. Somehow, even after I had grown out of this ‘surpressed appetite’ phase and started eating like a pig, I can’t stand the taste of stir-fried cabbage with dried prawns. And, probably because the taste of dried prawns was the dominating one, I can’t stand the taste of any dishes with dried prawns either.

Call it childhood trauma, but since I am all grown up now and have a choice, I am going to stay off dried prawns for as long as I can.


One comment on “Childhood Trauma

  1. Angie says:

    Don’t worry! No matter what, I will always be your no.1 fan reading your blogs….why? you may ask! That’s coz….I takde kerje..hehehe

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